I got 99 problems but I’m going to take a nap and ignore them all. #ISHINE365 #Girlproblems


1. We just want a really cute guy in our lives. Is that too much to ask for?

2. When you realize you’re no longer “Forever 21.”

3. Tampons should be free with a side of ice cream and wine.

4.  You can tell a lot about a person by the shape of their brows.

5. If no one saw you wear it, it didn’t happen, right?

6. So many regrets!



7. When your hair is on point, you can conquer the world!

8. The dreaded make-up line is no joke.

9. Best Bitches



10. When friends become family

11. When you make up mathematical equations that don’t even make sense to justify your addiction to online shopping

12. Do some breathing exercises and go into it with confidence! #woosah

13. When you’re done being mad at your bestie cause you need to vent.

14. The daily #struggle!

15. ️ That’s what friends are for ️

16. We just hope that you’re happy and safe.

17. When you and your best friend are a package deal.

18. We’ve all had those days..

19. The only part of drama we want to be in is the part where you tell us all about it.

20. When your purse is just filled with receipts, wrappers, and things you don’t even need.


21. There is no in between.

22. Health is a lifestyle.

23. Don’t even ask, it’s not happening.

24. When you realize you’re the star ⭐️

25. We ALL have that song.