Bathing suit shopping is no easy task, and one that most girls actually dread. These days, most of our shopping is done online, which makes finding the perfect bikini that much harder. The ISHINE365 office is filled with girls of all shapes and sizes with each of us having our own features we want to hide or accentuate. We came up with the ultimate swimwear guide for the most common body types and gave our personal guidance on which bikinis and suits we carry that would work best for you!


Small Chest:

Finding the right bikini top for a small chest can be quite the challenge. But believe it not, you’re lucky! Trendy styles are easy to wear with a small chest, so embrace what ya got and wear the hottest styles knowing most girls can’t. The Santorini style top by Acacia is perfect for a smaller bust since there are no adjustable ties, and the adorable Bralet top by Kai Lani features a small triangle top with sexy straps to give you some va va voom.

Santorini in Vintage Hawaii by Acacia Swimwear // Bralet in Army Green by Kai Lani Swimwear


Big Chest:

We know how hard it is to find the right bikini when you’ve got a big chest and we’re here for you! What you need is support and both the Frankie’s July top and the Acacia Plumeria top have the coverage and strength you need to not only hold those puppies up but to make them look amazing as well.

July Top in Red/White/Blue by Frankies Bikinis //  Plumeria Top in Animal by Acacia Swimwear


Short Torso:

Short torso problems are no fun but there is a super easy bikini trick to help lengthen your tummy: the tinier the bottom, the longer the torso. The Mangrove Brief by Minimale Animale and the Kumi by Indah have a really low waist and will make your torso look 10 inches longer!

The Mangrove Brief in Bronzed by Minimale Animale // Kumi Bikini Bottom in Indigo/Black/Red by Indah


Broad Shoulders:

Broad athletic shoulders are hard to balance out but the Hala top by Posh Pua features a sporty and feminine look in the front with a super exposed back to really show off your beautiful shape and the thick halter straps of the St. Tropez top by Frankie’s will help create the illusion of an hourglass shape.

Hala Bikini Top in Coral by Posh Pua // St. Tropez Bikini Top in Lavender by Frankie’s Bikinis


No Hips:

To give the illusion of curvy hips, the Cabazon Tori Praver bottoms feature a ruffle detail on the sides to mask what you’re lacking and the Madrid bottoms by Acacia feature a super high waist that look great on a hip-less babe.

Cabazon Bikini Bottom in Casablanca Rose by Tori Praver // Madrid Bikini Bottom in Snake/Haupia by Acacia Swimwear


Big Butt:

Being Miami girls, we really appreciate a big butt and we have just the right suits that allow you to still wear that cheeky style and provide the right amount of coverage for your booty. The Anini Crochet bottom by Acacia gives you thick adjustable ties to get that perfect fit and the La Riviera Bottoms by Acacia are a solid print with the perfect amount of fabric, worn with a printed top helps to balance out your tush.

Anini Crochet Tie-Side Bottom in Palm by Acacia Swimwear // La Riviera Bottom in Storm by Acacia Swimwear


Flat Butt:

If you don’t have any junk in the trunk, don’t worry, the scrunch bottom bikinis will be your new best friends. The Hala Bottoms by Posh Pua and the Axel by Acacia feature a cutesy ruching that creates the illusions of a fuller bum.

Hala Bikini Bottom in Vanuatu Stripe by Posh Pua // Axel Bottom in Shave Ice by Acacia Swimwear


Love Handles:

They’re called love handles for a reason- embrace your body and find the swimwear that accentuates your curves. There is nothing worse than a bikini that digs into your sides and gives you that awful muffin top, to prevent that, you should try bottoms like the Molokai by Acacia and the Tai bottoms by Indah. Both feature soft and stretchy straps that rest comfortably on your hips.  

Molokai Bottom in Papaya by Acacia Swimwear // Reversible Tai Bikini bottom in Pink/Jaguar by Indah


Short Legs:

The easiest way to lengthen the look of your legs is to go high cut, think 1980’s swimwear. The higher the cut the longer the legs look. The Aubrey one piece and Charlie bottoms by Mandalynn both have a great cut to make those gams look a mile long.

Aubrey One Piece in Onyx by Mandalynn //Charlie Bikini Bottom in Onyx by Mandalynn


Fair Skinned:

Do you have beautiful porcelain skin that doesn’t take well to the harsh sun rays? Try accentuating your fair color with the contrast of dark hues like black and navy. The Hitchhiker top with matching Camila bottom by Mary Grace Swim features a mixture of all dark colors or a simple black set like the Lilly and Hydrangea by Beach Riot / Stone Fox.

Reversible Hitchhiker Top and Camila Bottom in Sea Nymph/Deep Ocean by Mary Grace Swim // Lilly Top and Hydrangea in Black by Beach Riot/Stone Fox Swim


Keep a lookout for our new site feature rolling out soon where we will be categorizing the swimsuits by body types. Did we miss something? Let us know!