Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re anything like us, you’ve waited until the last minute and have no idea what to dress up as. Have no fear – we put together some fabulous ideas for costumes using our bikinis. From a treasure troll to a hot martian babe, our ideas are sure to make you stand out in the crowd.

If you come up with any awesome ideas that incorporate our products, please let us know so we can feature you!



When you think Biker Babe, you think black, leather, denim, & tattoos. We got you covered with our Mikoh Swimwear Banzai Pipeline one piece. Just throw on a bandana, some Child of Wild flash tatts, some chunky silver jewelry and hot boots and you’re one sexy biker babe (actual motorcycle is optional but not required)



Who doesn’t want to be a baywatch hottie? Grab one of our Blue Life swimsuits (one-piece or bikini), pair it with some white sneaks, a whistle and an inflatable lifeguard float, a cutie visor and some wildfox sunnies and you’re ready to run down the beach in slow-mo.



  We come in Peace Martian babes are out of this world and we have the perfect new bikini top to use for your space girl costume. Pair our Kai Lani platinum metallic bralet with some silver sneaks, boots, or heels, get yourself a metallic skirt and a sparkly alien headband you can find at any costume store, and you’re the cutest martian we’ve ever seen.



Most of us aren’t angels but that’s what Halloween is for, right? Dress up like the sweetest angel babe with our crochet Indah Kesho top with a flowy white skirt, some angelic heels or booties, our Natalie B silver bib necklace, and of course some angel wings and a halo and you will have all those devil boys falling at your feet .




We want YOU to join the ISHINE army this Halloween. Take the Kai Lani Army Green bralet, add some combat boots, camo shorts, aviators and an army hat, don’t forget some black paint on your cheeks and you’re ready for battle.



Jesters are professional jokesters and if you’re a funny gal you should highlight that with our Indah Delight top and add some funky black and white shoes, striped socks, a sexy black leather skirt, and a jester cap and mask and make the crowd giggle with pleasure.





Strawberry shortcake, the cutest little pink cartoon girl, we have the PERFECT top by Lolli Swimwear adorned with sweet lil strawberries. Pair it with a pink skirt, some pink shoes, green striped socks and a hot pink wig. The most adorbs.





We all grew up collecting treasure trolls, those cute little naked fuzzy guys with a rhinestone belly button. Our Minimale Animale nude one-piece was almost made for this costume! Grab yourself a pink tutu (if you wanna cover your tush), some funky holographic, clear, or nude shoes, a troll wig from any costume store, and a DIY colorful belly button and you are straight up the most fun costume of all time.




The perfect costume for a sassy vixen babe who loves to wear all black. Take our black Marley bikini top by Frankie’s Bikinis, pair it with a leather (or faux leather) skirt or pants, adorable flirty heels or sneaks, and of course top it off with lace cat ears and a fluffy tail. Purrrrfect!



Flamenco Dancer

Grab your sexy strappy dancing shoes, this flamenco costume will you have spinning around all night. Get the Frankie’s Bikinis Poppy One-Piece, a flowy red maxi skirt, a fan, floral crown and scarf and you can show all the boys your moves in style.



Who doesn’t idolize Cher from the 70’s? She was always in the the most fabulous get-ups with glitter, feathers, and anything flashy. We have the perfect Indah jumpsuit, to pair with some glitter boots, gold head chain, belt, and arm cuffs, and of course the iconic long black wig.



Roller Girl

The classic 70’s roller skate girl, this one is super easy! Pair our Mara Hoffman One-Piece with some thigh high socks, One Teaspoon shorts, a sporty jacket, and of course some roller-skates (be careful, they aren’t as easy as you think!)



Flapper Girl

Be a sexy roaring twenties flapper girl in our Bettinis fringe cover up (wear a slip or a bikini, up to you!) add some pearls, silky gloves, feather boa and a headband and you’re ready to dance around town.



The famous Egyptian Goddess, Cleopatra, is a simple costume with the help of our Indah white maxi dress, Child of Wild flash tatts, Natalie B gold arm cuffs, strappy gladiator heels, a gold headband, and a jet black wig. Watch some youtube vids for some awesome make-up tutorials!



Miley Cyrus

We all have a little bit of Miley in us. We have the perfect kini to complete a Miley Cyrus outfit. Take our Minimale Animale One-Piece, some disco shorts, chunky platforms, a blonde pixie wig, and some funky jewelry and make sure your tongue is out!


80’s Girl

The 80’s, so fun, so quirky, and soooo easy for Halloween! Take our Beach Riot off-the-shoulder bikini top and some One Teaspoon Chargers, classic white reeboks, a scrunchie, some plastic jewelry and you better crimp that hair!