Do tan-through swimsuits really work?


Tan lines. The spots where the skin is hidden are dark and bleached white. Although many people don't mind these lines and are sometimes attractive, most prefer not to have tans. Most people aren't comfortable with it. There will always be problems living on a pristine beach and having a private place where you can tan without any clothes on. It will be necessary for people to enjoy tanning naked.

Tan through swimwear

Tan-through swimwear is a type of clothing designed to allow sunlight to reach the skin, providing a way to get a sun tan without wearing revealing clothing. This type of clothing has become popular in recent years as an alternative to traditional swimwear.

Transol: A Revolutionary New Fabric

Transrol uses textile technology in swimwear that enables tanning. The concept was developed by the swimwear manufacturer Kiniki in early 2000.

How does transol work?




Do tan-through swimsuits really work?


Transolin weaves a polyester-elastane thread in an irregular diagonal pattern. It produces an extremely light, stretchy fabric with threads separated more than in traditional polyester swimsuit fabrics. What are the results? 80% of sunlight can pass through the material, allowing for a uniform tan. You might believe that this stuff might look incredibly transparent or opaque, but that isn't true. Transol's crazy fabric gives you a perfect level and enough coverage to feel comfortable. You have every benefit from tanning your whole body.

Does the material dry quickly?

Tan-through swimsuits is made from a lightweight fabric designed to dry quickly. This is important because it prevents the suit from becoming uncomfortable and helps to keep the tan looking its best. Tan through swimsuits is best used with a particular tanning device designed to provide even coverage and prevent streaking. The material is also resistant to chlorine and salt water, making it ideal for use in pools and the ocean.

How does tan through bathing suit work?

They are made out of special materials. The sun's rays can penetrate your clothing to your skin. Imagine millions of tiny pores in your tank tops, huge holes, and you can wear nothing.

Does tan through bathing suits work?

It's easy to answer yes. You may take longer to enjoy the sunshine to have the desired effect. It'd make a real difference to us.

How fast can you get tan lines through the suit?

How fast can you tan through a bathing suit? It normally depends on your skin melanin content.

There's no one-size-fits-all answer to how fast you can tan through a bathing suit. But with a little experiment, you'll soon find the perfect combination of factors for your sun-tanning schedule.

Is tan in swimwear dangerous?

You have to wear swimsuits to protect yourself by applying sunscreen or SPF lotion. It is intended to protect your skin from harmful sun damage. Make sure you have enough sunscreen. If not, the burn is in your face! Trust me, and it wasn't easy.

Is tan-through swimwear comfortable?

It may seem like your clothes don't exist anymore! Tan through swimwear is very comfortable and fashionable! The lightweight version of the traditional swimwear makes it feel like a second skin. This increased thread width also gives the garment a super stiff feel, and you can go yoga without putting on the swimsuit.

Do I need to wear sunblock still?

Because Transol is made of a tan-through material that allows sun ray penetration and gives your skin color. It can cause severe damage if you do not care. Is this especially true for those places in the body where you normally cannot see the sun? No one wants to get sunburned in the private bathroom. Oh! Before going tan, it is important to apply sun protection to the face, particularly to the bare swimwear areas. You can still get flawless and evenly tanned skin without a burn or skin disease.

Do they machine washable?

Your tan thru swimsuit will look great for many seasons with proper care! Yes, tan thru swimsuits are fully machine washable and are machine dry on a low setting. We recommend that you wash your suit before wearing it for the first time. To extend the life of your suit, we also recommend washing it in cold water and hanging it to dry whenever possible.

Say goodbye to tan lines


Say goodbye to tan lines

Say goodbye to tan lines


If you're tired of tan lines, there's no need to spend hours in a tanning bed. Tan through swimwear offers an all-over tan without the hassle of streaks or missed spots. And there's no need to worry about reapplying sunscreen every few hours. Tan through swimwear is made with a special fabric that allows UV rays to pass through. You can get a natural, evenly bronzed look without ever stepping foot in a salon. Plus, the fabric is lightweight and breathable, so you'll stay cool and comfortable all day long. So say goodbye to tan lines and enjoy the sun with tan through swimwear.

Can you see through the suits?

Tan through bathing suits is a great way to get a perfect tan without worrying about harmful UV rays. But can you see through the suits? The answer is no, and you cannot see through the suits. The material is designed to be opaque to get a nice, even tan without worrying about your skin being exposed to the sun rays. Tan through swimsuits is a great way to get a perfect tan without worrying about harmful UV rays. So head to the pool to enjoy the sunny day. 

Difference between Tan and Swimwear

And that's exactly what makes tanning through swimwear possible. The swimsuit is tan-through and resembles a standard old-fashion swimsuit. The bikinis are available in one or two pieces or short shorts in a short form for the man. The only distinction is that the fabric is designed for the sunlight to penetrate the fabric, allowing tan your bottom, buns, groins, or bikinis without stripping down


Difference between Tan and Swimwear



Difference between Tan and Swimwear



Can you wear them for water sports?

Competitive swimmers often look for any advantage to help them shave milliseconds off their time. As a result, many have turned to tan-thru swimsuits to improve their speed. While tan-thru swimsuits may not provide a competitive edge for every swimmer, they can be beneficial for those who want to improve their performance. The fabric is also lightweight and quick-drying, ideal for water sports. In addition, the material is highly breathable and offers excellent support, which is essential for competitive swimmers.

Tan through are not just for the beach

You can now get the benefits of a tan without wearing any pesky swimwear. The new trend in clothes is shirts and tank tops that will let you show off your skin while still providing an elegant look to every occasion!

Men, you no longer have to wear it tight!

Tighter tan through shorts is not the only option for men who want to wear something tight. Now, newer and better products can help men get a tighter tan without wearing tight shorts. So if you're looking for a better way to get a men's tan, check out some of the newer products. You'll be glad you did.

Tan through shorts is for both men and women!

One of the great things about summertime is enjoying the outdoors and working on your tan. But who wants to wear uneasy jeans or long shorts when it's hot out? That's where tan-through shorts come in! These versatile shorts are perfect for both men and women and allow you to show off your tan in style. The lightweight fabric of cooltan tan through swimwear allows the sun's light like a medium-level sunscreen., allowing you to develop a beautiful, natural-looking tan without putting on sunscreen. Plus, the shorts dry quickly and are perfect for active lifestyles. So whether you're hitting the beach, going for a hike, or just relaxing in your backyard, tan-through shorts are a great way to show off your summer tan.

Different types of tan thru swimwear


Different types of tan thru swimwear



Different types of tan thru swimwear


Trying to get a good tan can be frustrating. You might spend hours lying in the sun, only to find that you're not getting any darker. And when you do finally start to see some color, it's often patchy and uneven. One way to ensure a more consistent tan is to wear tan through suits. They're available in various styles, so you can find one that flatters your figure. Whether you're looking for a one-piece or a two-piece, a tan-through suit is perfect.

One-piece swimwear

One-piece swimwear is available in various styles and designs, specifically designed to flatter your figure. They are made of cooltan swimsuit fabric, a special type of fabric technology. Cooltan tan through suits allows the sun's rays to pass through, allowing you to get a tan while wearing them. One-piece swimwear is also available in various colors, so you can choose the perfect color to match your skin tone. It is a great option for those who want to get a tan without worrying about sunburn.

Tan-through bikini tops

Are you looking for a unique way to get a perfect tan? Look no further than the Tan Through Bikini Top! This unique, patent-pending fabric is designed to let the sun's rays pass through, giving you a perfect, even tan. And because the fabric is so sheer, you'll never have to worry about those pesky tan lines again. So whether you're headed to the beach or the pool, you can feel confident knowing that you'll have a gorgeous, natural-looking tan. And best of all, you can say goodbye to those expensive tanning salon bills and nude beach fees! So why wait? Get your Tan Through Bikini Top today!

Do the tops have padding?

Tan-thru swimsuit tops allow the sun to penetrate the fabric and tan the skin beneath. Most styles do not have padding, as this would defeat the purpose of the design. However, some manufacturers offer padded versions for those who prefer a little extra support. In general, tan-thru swimsuit tops provide good coverage and can be worn with or without a bikini top underneath.

Tan through bikini bottoms

Tan through bikini bottoms is a convenient way to get an all-over tan without having to remove your swimwear. Tan through bikini bottoms usually have a high waistband to help keep them in place, and some styles also feature side ties or straps. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that they offer less coverage than traditional bikinis. 

Do color matter in tan thru swimwear?


Do color matter in tan thru swimwear?



Do color matter in tan thru swimwear?


When choosing a tan thru swimsuit, color does matter. Choose a solid color if you want the swimsuit to be invisible when wet. The more solid the print, the less visible it will be when wet. Sheer colors are not recommended because they will be more transparent when wet. Semi-sheer fabrics are better because they provide some coverage while still allowing your skin to show through. Remember that darker colors will absorb more light and heat, so they may not be as effective thanking through as lighter colors. Ultimately, the best color for your tan thru swimsuit depends on your personal preferences and what you hope to achieve with the suit.

Are tan-through suits durable?

Some people have raised concerns about the endurance of these suits. The material used in tan-through suits is typically much thinner than traditional swimwear fabrics, making it more susceptible to tearing and damage. Additionally, the color of the fabric can fade over time, especially if it is exposed to sunlight on a regular basis. While tan-through suits may not be as durable as some other types of swimwear, they can still be a great option for people who want to get a little bit of sun without worrying about their suit being ruined.

Are there any health benefits?

There are many benefits to wearing a tan through a swimsuit. Tanning is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while getting a healthy dose of sunshine vitamin (Vitamin D).

Vitamin D is significant for maintaining healthy teeth and bones.

It also helps with the metabolism of many minerals, which are important in immunity and other bodily processes such as mood regulation or muscle strength!

If you're experiencing symptoms like weak-bones pain (including kidney stones), it could be because of vitamin d deficiency. Tanning can help ease those ailments.



Red and Blue Bikini Sets



Red and Blue Bikini Sets


Tan-through swimwear is a great way to get a sun tan without wearing revealing clothing. This type of clothing has become popular in recent years as an alternative to other swimwear. They are made of special materials that allow the sun's rays to penetrate your clothing and reach your skin. Imagine millions of tiny pores in your tank tops, huge holes, and you can wear nothing but sunscreen! While these suits provide an easy way to get your favorite tan, it's important to remember to use sunscreen whenever you're outside. Ensure to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays by using a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.


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