Picture this: You got invited to this boat party over the weekend and you have no clue what to use. Can we all agree buying swimsuits is literally the same pain as buying jeans? ( let's say 90% times lol).


    Well first thing first, remember to think about your SPF protection before even thinking about sun exposure. Your outfit is important to make you feel good, however, it is very important to take care of yourself and your health first. We personally love this product in case you need an extra push with your tanning routine.

    it doesn't matter what bikini is really on-trend as long as you feel comfortable on it. You must be able to move without panicking it may come off for example. And if you feel a little bloated that day ( hey, this is normal, we all have experienced this before) one-piece bikinis are always there. We are currently loving this one!: Remember, there is nothing such as a bikini that fits everyone, every girl has a different one.

    Best bikinis if you feel you are a little bloated: If you feel you have a little belly that doesn't let you feel comfortable, then the best option for you is definitely one piece. It will also help you hide the love handles. No low thongs - the higher the better, this way you won't feel anything "out of control". Remember these are just recommendations from real girls to real girls because the girl in the magazine doesn't look like the girl in the magazine.

    Bikinis if you want to hide wide hips: Choose bikini bottoms with a straight cut in a single color, and in one piece, that is, without bows, ribbons, or details that bulge the outside of the hips. The minimal the better!. Here is an example of what you can get!:

    Bikini for women with little breasts: Girl, if you are A cup ( like me!) then the volume is your best friend. Go all-in with ruffles, padded, and triangle-shaped bikinis. The straight ones will also work, as long as they are not plain and have a cut or a detail in the center. Also! prints will allow you to disguise this appearance. 

    Bikini for women with big b*obs!: In this case, the one-tone bandeau style will be better, which will hide the front. The triangular ones are also useful, as long as they are large and without fillers. However, strappy underwire bikini tops are the best because they give you extra support. 

     Bikini for short women: In this case, choose bikinis and swimsuits with a v-neckline and straps or thin straps. Avoid high dips, and also those with a straight cut, to look taller. If you want to appear longer legs, choose bikini bottoms with a high waist and regular external cut, no shorts type models. 

    Two Piece Mafia Collection

    Two Piece Mafia Collection

    Well, let's wrap this up! here are some summary tips on how to choose your perfect bikini. First, remember to take your age, personal style, and body shapes into account when choosing your swimsuit. For example, Crocheted models, with straps, ribbons, cords, and with jovial styles will look better on girls. On the other hand, one-piece swimsuits and flat bikinis, in one tone and classic, will not favor youth, but they give the ladies an elegant and appropriate look. Dark tones, in general, will help you hide your belly (however, this really doesn't make you look unflattering ok?). Big flower prints for example have this tendency to ad up the volume so if you need "less volume" maybe you should opt for pieces in a single color.Ok, now that we have taken some time talking about some of the body attributes you may have let's talk about body shapes and best practices when buying bikinis according to the experts ( stylists! ).

    Sakia Cheeky Bikini Top in Sky Blue

    Sakia Cheeky Bikini Top in Sky Blue

    Apple body shape: The Apple shape describes women’s bodies that tend to be top-heavy in comparison to the lower part of the body. The idea is to put special attention to the curve of your hips with patterned bottoms and side-ties. Also, halter tops help to make broad shoulders making them match your hips easily. This one piece halter is perfect for this body shape for example!.

    Dance It Off One Piece Swimsuit

    Brana Anita One Piece

    Pear body shape: The Pear, or ‘triangle’ shape is used to describe women’s bodies that are wider at the hips, with a smaller bust and narrow shoulders. The idea here is to put special attention up so the hips are not the first thing you see! Go for tops with bold patterns, elaborate styles, padded cups and plunging necklines to emphasize your bust’s natural curves. Also (very important), plunging necklines will make you look taller!.For the bottom, stick with figure-flattering solid colors and darker colors. High-cut bottoms help big thighs to look slimmer. This for example is our best seller high- cut bottom!

    Yaz  Bottom in Snow Leopard Print

    Yaz Bottom in Snow Leopard Print

    Athletic body shape: These body types tend to combine broad shoulders with a straight bust, waist and hips. The idea is simple here: ad up some curves! Plunging necklines and padded cups minimize broad shoulders while magnifying smaller breasts.Also, bottoms with bold patterns and styling will draw attention to long legs, and add definition to the hips. We also have the  Hourglass figure this is the well-known term for an evenly proportioned bust and hips, with a well-defined waist. Let's think about maybe Jlo here! ( can we all agree she looks amazing!?).The Hourglass’s feminine proportions mean most styles are flattering – it’s up to you how much you want to emphasize your curves.High-waisted types of bikini bottoms will draw the eye to your slim waist – and cover up your tummy. And in terms of high waist, here is our recommendation!:

    Gaby Top in Sage Green

    Gaby Top in Sage Green

    Last but not least, we have rectangle body shapes that have a straight silhouette, with minimal difference between waist, hip, and bust measurements. We strongly recommend one-piece swimsuits with cut-out sides that can bring the illusion of an hourglass shape to the straightest of rectangles.Bold patterns and colors, ruffles, frills, and ruching are all great for adding extra volume to your hips and bust. At ishine, we have so many one piece swimsuits we love!, here is one of them!. We hope this blog post was super helpful for your next purchase!!.

     Leticia Beirut One Piece

    Leticia Beirut One Piece

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