Long Torso: Worried about your options? 

Shopping for a new swimsuit is something that many of us dread. However, any attractive stranger can feel secure and happy in their own flesh, especially when wearing a bathing suit with the correct shape.

We recognize and appreciate that every one of us is unique, making finding the correct fit difficult. Finding a swimsuit that fits well and is figure-flattering can be especially difficult for women with a long torso.

Aldea Negroni Bikini Set

Aldea Negroni Bikini Set

The main truth is that bathing suits with a long torso can be difficult for ladies who are taller than 5'5". Strangers taller than this frequently have a longer torso and have difficulty finding a swimming suit with balanced proportions.

When searching for a swimming suit, women with a long torso frequently encounter the following issues:

• Low-rise bottoms will reveal more of your stomach than you might imagine.

• Tankini tops don't go all the way down and leave a space where it's not supposed to be.

• Many swimming costumes emphasize the imbalance when a long torso is paired with shorter legs.

However, a few solutions can help ladies avoid the frequent issues they confront when looking for long torso swimming suits. Once you've found the correct suit, you can start mixing and matching pieces to create a fun and fresh style that will last all summer. As a consequence, the optimal look for a specific body type will be achieved.

The following are some wonderful options for a long torso:

Bathing Suits with High Legs: 

Bathing suits with high legs give the illusion of longer legs, which helps to balance a physique with a lengthy torso. Legs that are cut just a little higher than typical might appear significantly longer.

The leg cut on these suits is higher on the hip than most swimming suits. You won't have to sacrifice comfort if you can get a high-leg suit with adjustable shoulder straps.

Over-the-shoulder bathing suits and color-blocked bathing suits are popular choices. Cutouts in bathing suits achieve the same effect: they split up the torso space and make the body appear more proportional.

Essentially, these settings alter your visual appearance to give you a more balanced appearance. Asymmetrical suits and cutouts are currently fashionable, so you should be able to locate one among the latest arrivals at most retailers.

Ria Xama High Waist Botom

Ria Xama High Waist Botom

Cutout or asymmetrical suits: 

Asymmetrical suits deceive the eye by producing surprising dimensions. Asymmetry can flatter curves seductive and feminine, but some one-piece bathing suits can make a long-torso physique look boxy. The asymmetry will deflect attention away from the torso, giving the appearance of being more balanced.

Brana Luisa Asymmetrical Top

Brana Luisa Asymmetrical Top

Long One-Piece Swimsuits: 

Because bikinis do not account for the size of one's torso, many long-torso ladies have a harder time finding a one-piece that fits better than a bikini.

 With many one-pieces, there isn't enough material in the torso. The material concealing the breasts will be dragged down if the shoulder straps aren't long enough, exposing more than is intended.

More significantly, it will not be pleasant. Who can enjoy themselves at the beach if they are worried about sharing everything? But don't worry; we've produced one-pieces that are tailored to fit women with longer torsos and provide ample coverage.

One-pieces have a timeless appeal and come in a variety of styles. There's something for everyone, from modest suits to scorching and sporty alternatives! The result is a flattering and comfortable fit.

If you discover a one-piece with horizontal lines or patterns, you can give the appearance of a shorter torso. One of our faves is a one-piece with a plunging neckline since it may be quite flattering. The torso area is broken up by the plunge, which draws attention to the neckline. For many women with long torsos, these options might help them achieve a balanced look.

Costa One Piece

Costa One Piece


Some tankini tops are insufficiently long to give adequate coverage, but others are. Tankinis, like bikinis, allow you to mix and match, so you may select a beautiful top that fits a long torso and couple it with the best bottoms for your body type.

Tankini shirts can also be worn with swim skirts and shorts to provide a longer torso a more elegant appeal. Make sure to choose a tankini top that is long enough. Many regular tops don't, requiring painful tugging to pull the cloth down or stretch it.

High Waist Bikinis: 

Devise Bikini Bottom

Devise Bikini Bottom

More revealing than a one-piece or tankini, this style is ideal for women with long torsos. A bikini top with a smaller space between the top and bottoms than a typical bottom; this characteristic makes the torso appear more balanced.

Because it is such a flattering look for many women, this style has a lot of plus-size alternatives. Another alternative is to wear mid-rise bottoms, which sit higher on the waist and achieve the same effect.

Belted One-piece Bathing Suits: 

Belted one piece swimsuit in animal print

Belted one piece swimsuit in animal print

Belted one-pieces have been a popular trend for several years and aren't going away anytime soon. This appearance is particularly attractive on women with a long torso. This feature divides up the space on the chest, whether it's an actual belt across the waist or a more subtle belted style. Instead of the torso, it draws attention to the waistline. These suits definitely bring out the feminine curves with all eyes on the waistline!

Finding the correct swimwear can be difficult if you have a long torso. Many store-bought suits are tailored to fit shorter ladies with shorter torsos. However, the possibilities on this list provide a terrific beginning point for finding your ideal swimming suit for summer 2022!

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