Reasons Why You Need a Beach Cover Up

Preplanning for a Beach Vacation

You'll almost certainly spend some time at the beach if you're going on a beach vacation. So, you actually only need three types of apparel and three wardrobe options for a beach holiday; attire for the beach, such as resort wear (for when you're hanging out at the resort), exploring clothing, and beachwear. Today, we'll talk about beach attire, which, of course, includes beach cover-ups. 

If you think about it, the solution to the question of what to dress on a beach can be rather straightforward. Of course, a swimsuit! There isn't much to it. But if you're doing your research and reading this, I'm guessing you're putting a little more thought into what you wear and want to make sure you have everything you need. Because nothing is more annoying than forgetting to pack essential products or packing everything, you think you'll need but not like any of it.

What is the purpose of a beach cover-up?

Beach cover-ups are crucial, in my opinion, and I never go to the beach without one. Why? Beach cover-ups provide sun protection. While many of us visit the beach to achieve that gorgeous sun-kissed glow, too much sun exposure is harmful.

Excessive sun exposure produces wrinkles age spots, speeds up the aging process, and raises the risk of skin cancer. On Google, you can learn more about the impacts of sun exposure.

A beach cover-up is a trendy method to protect oneself from the sun if you're going to spend the entire day reclining at the beach—which is presumably why you flew to a lovely paradise in the first place—plan on wearing a beach cover-up for at least part of the day.

Put on your beach cover-up after you've spent some time in the sun to keep safe for the rest of the day, or alternate between bikini alone and your beach cover-up every couple of hours.

A beach cover-up is not only necessary for sun protection, but it is also a highly practical item. You'll want to wear something to cover yourself when walking to and from the beach, especially if you're strolling through common areas like the lobby or a bar. Because most resort pools are only a short walk away, a beach cover-up is an essential if you don't want to walk around in just your bikini.

Green cardigan

Green cardigan

Types: Beach Cover-Ups 

So, am I starting to persuade you that beach cover-ups are not only fashionable but also necessary? Let's look at the various styles of beach cover-ups that are both fashionable and functional.

Beachwear Cover-up: Tunic

A beach cover-up tunic looks almost like an oversized shirt. It's a loose-fitting garment with short sleeves that finishes somewhat above the knees. Light materials such as chiffon, cotton, polyester, silk, or rayon are used to make beach tunics. They are available in various colors, designs, and patterns. Many tunics have a plunging V-neck that reveals your swimwear below. Tunics are loose-fitting and don't normally have a belt; however, some have a drawstring waist.

Tunic Cover up

Tunic Cover up

Beachwear Cover-up: Sarongs

The most versatile of all the beach cover-ups is a sarong. A sarong is a long length of fabric that can be wrapped and tied to form a halter dress, strapless dress (short or long), one-shoulder dress, and other garments. With this beach cover-up, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Depending on the fabric, you can also use it as a towel and lay it directly on the sand while tanning.

Sarong Brown Flowers

Sarong Brown Flowers

Beachwear Cover-up: Caftan

A caftan beach cover-up is a flowy, ankle-length garment with long or short sleeves. Because this is a variation of the tunic, many stores label what seems to be a tunic as a caftan. If you're searching for a long-sleeved, ankle-length option with greater sun protection, a caftan is a terrific choice. You could even be able to wear it to dinner, depending on the style. In my opinion, caftans have a rich vibe to them and are the most elegant of all the beach cover-ups. They're also available in a wide range of fabrics, colors, designs, and patterns. You should have no trouble selecting one that complements your bikini and is in keeping with your unique style.

Beachwear Cover-up: Dresses

Beach cover-ups that are dresses are exactly what they sound like. They come in various fabrics, forms, and fits and can be maxi, short, strapless, spaghetti strap, or halter. Because they're intended to be worn with a bathing suit underneath, they're made of lighter fabric and are generally more exposing than conventional dresses. Are you having problems choosing a dress beach cover-up because there are so many to choose from? Simply select a beach cover-up from I SHINE365 that is similar to your favorite dress style that you wear daily.

Beachwear Cover-Up: Cardigan 

The open front of this beach cover-up, which can be long or short in length, is constructed of lighter fabrics than classic cardigan sweaters. Long or short sleeves are also options. If you're just traveling to and from the beach and not going to a restaurant or roaming around a beach town, these beach cover-ups are ideal. Because you're showing your bikini, they're more comfy and sexier. 

Blue Light Cardigan

Blue Light Cardigan

Buying Beach Cover-Ups

Keep these suggestions in mind when buying for beach cover-ups:

• Consider what you'll wear your beach cover-up with. Keep in mind the color of your bikinis, and make sure your cover-up matches a range of your swimwear so you can use it multiple times.

• Choose a style that is comfortable for you and reflects your individuality. If you like to be completely covered up, a caftan may be preferable to a tunic. If you don't want to cover yourself from head to toe, a sarong or cardigan can be a good option.

• Keep an eye on the fabric. Are you looking for something sheer or not? Do you like a fabric that entirely conceals your bikini or one that allows a little of it to show? How about a crochet project?

Brana California Pareo

Brana California Pareo

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