Simple ways on how to style your bikini top as a summer top!

Two piece mafia bikini

Looking for a way to style your bikini bottom on top of your bikini as a summer top? Here’s how you can do that! The key here is, making your bikini top the most versatile part of your summer wardrobe. Here at Ishine we worked out some of the best ideas on how to style your bikini top as a summer top and even how to wear a one-piece bikini as a bodysuit. Check this out!:

Wear It As A Bodysuit

For a sporty look, try a sheer bodysuit. Like the skin-baring trend, this one is almost entirely see- through, so what’s not to like? Wear with a pair of high-waisted leggings for an interesting layered effect or some jeans with strappy heels! Check this one out! We love it with jeans and sneakers! 

two piece mafia bikini one piece

Let´s Have Fun One Piece Swimsuit

Switch it up with a skirt

Nothing says summer like a bikini, so wear it with florals and ruffles. For a subtle touch, try a crisscross bikini with a maxi skirt, and boho accessories. We love this crisscross bikini for a boho-chic look! 

Two piece mafia criss cross bikini

Can't be Tamed Bikini Top

Bring The Beach In With Camo

Take the boho feel and mix it up with the sporty, military-style. Wear a single one piece with camouflage denim or even skirt. We are currently loving these two pieces together!: 

Smeralda Swimwear sustainable swimwear

Can't be Tamed Bikini Top

Go casual with a halter top

For a laid-back look, get away from the standard triangle bikini top and opt for a halter top instead. Don’t forget to accessorize! Rock a structured straw bag or fedora hat. We are in love with these right here!: 

Garde Albero one piece swimsuit in black

Can't be Tamed Bikini Top

With A Matching Set

One of the simplest ways to stand out!. This is the most affordable and easiest way to turn your bathing suit from “just” swimwear to outfit. You can go with a unique color or pattern, or try a fun print on your top or bottom, the possibilities are endless. You can match these shorts with this bikini top and make it a new matching set! 

Smeralda Swimwear white bikini top

Can't be Tamed Bikini Top

More Crop Top Looks

Whether you decide to use it as a style statement to just have fun, or if you decide to wear it as a full-on crop top, make sure you know the rules: trends doesn't matter as long as you feel comfortable in your own skin. Our ishine babe came up with this street style look and we are completely loving it: 

Can't be Tamed Bikini Top

Styling your top as a crop top is a quick fix, and super comfy and awesome with a pair of track pants and sneakers. If you have a pair of strappy heels works or you can wear them with a nice pair of sandals too. 

Mix Your Swimwear With Denim

Here at Ishine365, we also thought it was a good idea to wear the denim trend (the loose denim style is a nice way to try on this trend). To pull off this summer trend look, it’s important to just find those jeans you really feel comfy on ( yes! those ones you always want to wear). This is a look you can’t go wrong with.
The other idea is to try an oversized jacket like this one, paired with a bikini top like:

Ishine the label beige v neck bikini top

Can't be Tamed Bikini Top

With A Beach Coverup

One of the easiest ways to take a swimwear look from a poolside outfit to a non-beach look is by wearing a beach cover-up. This can be an oversized tee, a simple tee shirt, or even a simple blouse and shorts. This can be worn with the bikini bottom and flip-up top and can look much more casual than a bikini.

You can either pair it with sandals for a low-key beach vibe, or you can toss on a pair of denim shorts and stilettos. These are our favorite " resort-ish " looks we are loving! This look will make you look amazing even if you are taking your swimsuit to the dinner at your beach resort!:

Ishine the label beige v neck bikini top

A messy bun can do a lot more than a simple hair tie. Try wearing this resort look with a stylishly messy bun. Get a hair tie that looks nice with the fabric of your bathing suit and tie it into a loose knot.

Swimsuit and Khakis

Another interesting way to bring a swimsuit into your regular outfits is to combine it with some slacks or culottes. This could be a swimsuit and denim, or a one-piece and khakis. For example, we are in love with these pants we just got!

Easy pants in olive green
High waist pants in ocre

Whether you’re surfing the web or shopping best swimsuit for your body type, you should find something that fits your taste and your budget. Here at Ishine we have styles from $40 to even $200! So no worries, we got you. The most important thing, however, is to feel confident with whatever you might be wearing. Don’t buy anything just because someone says it’s “in.” It’s your body and your figure; wear what you’re comfortable in and find your style.

Playing dress-up should not be a stressful thing to do! If you ever need styling advice or help to find your perfect swimsuit or how to actually take the bikini top you might have already into a summer top let us know!!

We hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as we did!  

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With love, The Ishine Team