Let’s face it, the best kinds of nights were those sleepovers with all your friends growing up. We may be adults now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little slumber party with the girls. A girl’s night in with a touch of nostalgia and some booze. Here are 10 ways to make that adult sleepover extra fun.


Step 1 is to build the most beautiful pillow and blanket fort. Add strings of Christmas lights for that dreamy effect.

<< how to make your fort >>




Concoct a delicious party punch, make it pretty and fill it with liquor — We said this is an ADULT slumber party.

<< Recipe 1 & 2 >>

We’re crazy about these letter banner garlands! You can make your own or buy custom ones on Etsy.

Everyone must wear adult onesies!

<< Get them here 1, 2, & 3 >>

Create a little fringy backdrop and either make your own or purchase some fun photo booth props. You know this night has to be all over your Instagram, why not make it more fun?

<< Buy props here & here >>

PIZZA. POPCORN. CANDY – you need nothing else!

Try to find those old 90’s board games we used to play. Mall Madness & Dream Phone were the BEST. Boys n Shopping – what’s better?

While we’re on that 90’s kick – why not get some inflatable furniture for your friends to get real comfy on?

Rent or buy all of the best girly flicks. Clueless, Dirty Dancing…you know, those things you can’t watch with stupid boys.

Get some yummy stuff to make for breakfast for your girls.