Inverted triangle body shape swimsuit


The body shape you have determine what suits you. You might have trouble picking up what swimsuit works for your body type during the summer. If you have an inverted triangle body shape, you also likely have problems finding the perfect bathing suit.


Feeling Myself Bikini Top

Feeling Myself Bikini Top


What seems good might not look good once you wear it, and what appears to appeal to others might not look appealing to your body. Maybe you went swimsuit shopping and cannot decide on the right one. But don't worry, we got you covered.

The inverted triangle body shape

The best way to know what fits you the best is to know your body shape. If you have an inverted triangle body shape, you are an athletic build, with an upper body consisting of broad shoulders and narrow hips.

Compared to other body shapes, the inverted triangle body shape is narrow, petite, and muscular, and for your body type to look the best, you will have to dress accordingly.

How to identify if you have the inverted triangle body type

It is straightforward to know if you have the inverted triangle body type; here is how to learn:

If you are an inverted triangle shape, you have:

  • Your upper body is proportionately more prominent than your lower body.
  • You have broad shoulders, a medium-sized bust, and a wide back.
  • Narrow hips and most possibly a flat bottom.
  • Subtle waist
  • Shapely legs


Ria Rashguard Crop topRia Rashguard Crop top

How to choose the right swimwear for the inverted triangle body shapes

The perfect swim dresses for the inverted triangle shape are the ones that put attention to the lower body and less attention to the upper body- in short, to give it an "equal" look.

This is due to inverted triangle body types being top-heavy and not bottom-heavy, unlike pear, apple, or hourglass shape body types. Your goal as an inverted triangle shape is to make your legs look curvier and accentuate your waist.

So what should you wear to do that?

Halter tops

Halter tops with simple designs are fantastic for the inverted triangle body type. Halter necks also work perfectly fine and take attention away from the broad shoulders. That is the best way to dress with broad shoulders.

Thicker straps

Halters with thick straps compliment your broad shoulders. Make sure the halter top is not with tiny straps, as that would draw attention to the shoulders - precisely what we are trying to avoid! They also make your shoulders appear broader. If you want support for your ample breasts, this is right!

V-necklines and plunging necklines

V-necklines and plunging necklines take away the attention from the heavy top. And the plunge or v cut-outs show the muscular/ athletic abdomen, drawing attention in the right place.

High-hips cut-outs

Your great legs deserve the attention which a higher-cut one-piece swimsuit would give. They show shapely legs and the broader part of the hips, which are usually hidden by everyday swim dresses.

That will give curves to your inverted triangle body type and make you look sexy and fabulous!


 A Good Time Bandeau Bikini Top

A Good Time Bandeau Bikini Top


Bikini bottoms with ties on the sides

Side ties make your hips look hotter. And doing so gives your hips curves and makes them look fuller and more expansive.

A bikini bottom with ties and side details also looks cute, so even more reason to try it!

You can also choose how much coverage your booty will get. It does not have to be sparse with side-ties bikini bottoms. You can choose it to be a cheeky bikini bottom or make it have more coverage to add a taste of conservativeness; all your wish!

Brazilian bikini bottoms and thongs

You can use Brazilian bikini bottoms or cheeky bottoms and thongs to accentuate your butt. They do not cover your butt fully, so you get to show off your butt as fuller. This is achieved by covering a little of your booty and showing more!

But that does not mean you cannot choose how much or how less your booty is covered. They are available on three different coverings:

  • Type 1: It protects your bottom perfectly while showing little your cheeks. That draws attention and yet keeps you from fully revealing.
  • Type 2: Shows more cheeks than aforementioned. An example would be Brazilian bikini bottoms.
  • Type 3: An example would be thongs. They do not cover at all. If you are a bold, carefree person, this might be for you!

Peplum tankinis

Peplum tankinis give an hourglass figure if that is what you are looking for. They make the waist look sculpted and add volume to the hips.

Asymmetrical neckline swimwears

One-piece swimsuits add more coverage, and if that is what you were looking for, along with one that compliments your inverted triangle shape- these are for you!

They are perfect for people with broad shoulders as they draw away their attention from them.

Whether you like them as bikini tops or one-piece swimsuits, they will surely turn heads on the beach.

Sweetheart cut

Sweetheart cut makes your bosom look awesome and diverts the eyes from the shoulders. They also often come with high-waisted bottoms, which put the limelight on the hips.

Bathing suits that block color

Mix and match your bikini with a darker top and a brighter bottom half. That will make your body look symmetrical and give you a balanced figure.

You can also try solid colors on the sides to add more fun.

A black bikini or plain colors will divert attention from the upper part.

Scrunched bikini bottom

This bikini bottom has a scrunchy effect that hides the fat, making your booty look toned and muscular. If you want them to look bigger, try ones that show more of the cheeks.

Ruffled bottoms

Ruffled bottoms are catchy to the eyes and make your hips look great with all the ruffles. Try a darker ruffled bottom to make your hips more prone to attention.

Try ruffled swim skirts if you do not like how tiny in length ruffled bottoms.

Detailed bikini bottoms

Swimsuits and bikinis with details will pull eyes straight to the hips, and the attention will go less to wide shoulders. The reason is straightforward: details catch people's eyes. Details may include frails and, as mentioned before- ties.


 Sakia Cheeky Bikini Bottom in Sky Blue

A-line swim skirts

Swim skirts are cute, but they can also make the hips look more prominent and the waist- slimmer. Thanks to the illusion created by the A-lines.

Printed bottom half

We already told you that a darker top with a lighter bottom creates a massive difference for this body type. A light printed bottom with a darker top will give you attention in the right places. This is because lighter colors make things look more prominent, and darker colors make them thinner.

Detailed bikini tops

Bikini tops with details in the middle will take the attention away from the shoulders. The exquisite details also create a look of glamour and admiration.

Handkerchief tops

Handkerchief tops are great for creating a flattering hourglass figure. If you want to create a more feminine look, this is it!

A-line swim dresses

Swim dresses are cute and classy, and they make you look hot by making your torso thinner and your hips wider.

Padded cups

Swimsuits with padded cups give you a curvier body type and a little bit of cleavage. That gives a fuller bosom look as they push the breasts upward. Padded suits also offer your body contours.

Suits you should avoid.


Do not go for a horizontal line bandeau, as that will not compliment your broad shoulders. Yes, it is trendy, but it is not flattering to your body type.

Off the shoulder

The neckline may look fantastic but will not make your body type look cool because the horizontal lines make the shoulders appear more expansive.


These are the best swimsuits for the inverted triangle body shape. These swimsuits will give your lower body more volume and curves - making your lower body balance with the upper body. The inverted triangle shape is a significant body type for a flattering yet muscular one.

The biggest tip: wear bright, solid colors for the bottom and darker colors on the top. That will balance out the body proportion and make you look Instagram-ready and perfect for your next trip to the beach.


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