Best Swimsuits for Athletic Build

Do you have an athletic body type? If so, you know that finding a swimsuit that fits well and looks good can be a challenge. Athletic bodies come in all shapes and sizes, but they often have one thing in common muscular shoulders or a large bust.

The good news is that there are plenty of swimsuits/one-piece swimsuit options out there for women with athletic body shapes.

In this blog post, we will share some of the best swimsuits for athletic body types. We'll also provide tips on finding the perfect swimsuit for your body type. So, if you're looking for a new swimsuit that will make you look and feel your best, read on!


Gray bikini set

Gray bikini set


How to Know if You Have An Athletic Body Type?

Women's bodies are wonderfully varied as it comes in different shapes. The athletic body type is also known as the inverted triangle shape, strawberry, and the T-shape. It characteristically has a shapely silhouette and not much difference between the waist, hips, and bust measurements.

If you have the athletic body types, then you have:

  • Broad shoulders. They are well-defined and contrast the rest of your narrow body shape.
  • Smaller breasts or medium.
  • Toned, long torso.
  • Toned waist.
  • Narrow hips and a flat bottom.

Best Bathing Suits for Athletic Body Types


 Tulum Bikini Top in Red

Bikini Bottoms and Bikini Tops

For bikini tops, go for tops with thicker straps and padded cups. The wide straps will make your broad shoulders look proportionate, and the padded cups will give some volume to your bosom. Wear a dark bikini top to pull away attention from your broad shoulders. Examples include halter tops.

For bikini bottoms, go for the skimpy ones to give the allure of a fuller butt. Try ones with side ties to highlight your curves. Wear colorful bottoms to make people pay attention to the bottom and make your body shape look more proportionate.

Do not be afraid to go for ruffles, patterns with bright, colorful bottoms, and some details to highlight your waist and bottom and curves. You can go for ruched bottoms that will reveal your cheeks. Or other high-waisted bottoms and high cut bottoms.

One-Piece Swimsuits

If you are not a fan of any two-piece swimsuit, go for one-piece swimsuits. One-piece swimsuits are bathing suits that cover yet reveal the right places, and they are a perfect fit for any athletic figure.

The proper one-piece swimsuits will draw attention in the right places and make you feel confident.

Go for one-piece swimsuits that are asymmetrical. They give your broad shoulders a flattering look and enhance your natural curves. This gives your athletic body shape a beautiful shape.

Try a one-piece with a plunging neckline to emphasize your smaller breasts and show cleavage to savor the summer fun.

A one-piece bathing suit with one shoulder gives your wide shoulders a flattering and curvier look. Millions of Amazon shoppers are already in love with this style. Same with one-piece bathing suits with ruffles.


It is okay if you are not a fan of the one-piece swimsuit. Monokinis will give athletic builds an hourglass shape. Choose monokinis with thick straps and a plunging V-neckline to show some cleavage and appear curvier.

Alternatively, go for a monokini with side cutouts to give the illusion of curvier and fuller hips. A zip-up monokini is perfect for those who want to show some skin without revealing too much.

You can try monokinis with removable padding to flatter your athletic body shape. You can also go for monokinis with ruffles and other decorations to add some dimension to your body.

Wrap Swimsuits

Another great swimsuit for athletic figures is a wrap swimsuit. This type of bathing suit enhances the shape of your natural curves. Try a wrap top or one-piece for extra support and coverage. You can go for a wrap swimsuit with a V-neckline to emphasize your small breasts and show some cleavage.

Wear a wrap bottom or one-piece to flaunt your shapely legs and curvy hips. You can also try a high-waisted wrap bottom to make your legs look longer.

Surfing Swimsuits

Surfing swimsuits are great bathing suits for athletic body types that keep you from an embarrassing situation and make your athletic body shape look its best. Choose a surfing swimsuit that covers yet flatters your body. You can go for a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit.

For one-piece surfing swimsuits, choose the ones with a high neckline and thick straps to make your broad shoulders look narrower and more defined. You can also try a one-piece bathing suit with ruffles to add some dimension to your body.

For two-piece surfing swimsuits, choose the ones with a bandeau top or triangle top. They will give your small breasts a fuller look and make your shoulders look narrower. You can also try a two-piece bathing suit with high-waisted bottoms to make your legs look longer.

What to Avoid for The Athletic Body Types

 Sahara Bikini Top in Pearl White

Sahara Bikini Top in Pearl White


It is necessary to wear the correct bathing suits for athletic body types to emphasize and draw attention to certain areas of this body shape.

Avoid these types of swimsuits:

Thin Straps for the Upper Body

They will not give you the proper support and may cause the top to slide down, revealing more than you want. Also, avoid string bikinis as they will not flatter your athletic body type.

Loose-Fitting Clothes

They will make you look boxy and shapeless. Choosing well-fitted and tailored clothes is essential to flatter your athletic body type.

Prints That are Too Busy

It is necessary to avoid too busy prints as they will make you look bigger than you are. Stick to small and simple patterns or solid colors.

Spaghetti-Style Bikini Tops

This style will not give you the support and coverage you need. Choose a bathing suit top with thicker straps for more support.

Boy Shorts

They are not flattering for athletic body types as they make your hips and thighs look more significant. Choose a bottom that enhances your shapely legs instead.

Dark-Colored Bikini Bottoms

It will make your hips and thighs look bigger than they are. Go for a light-colored bottom to make your legs look longer and leaner.

Bandeau Tops

They are not flattering for athletic body types as they make your shoulders look broader.



 Bliss One Piece in Black and White

Choosing the right swimsuit is important for athletes, as the wrong one can be uncomfortable and hinder your performance. The best swimsuits for athletes have a snug fit, offer support and coverage, and are made from quick-drying fabric.

Also, consider UPF protection if you will be spending a lot of time in the sun. With so many great options available, you will find the perfect swimsuit for your needs!


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