Essential tips if you are trying to balance out life + work! (for women!)

Picture this: It's 7 pm on a Tuesday, you are tired from work and driving back home either from the spinning class or from the gym. And boom! You remember you totally forgot to call your best friend because of her birthday!. The reason? work overload, things to do, responsibilities, and of course, taking care of yourself. The difficulties faced by women in the contemporary world are many. A world where we are forced to divide into multiple tasks, such as mother, girlfriend, best friend, worker, and often the only person responsible for household chores. Hold on a second! Don't feel overwhelmed, we are aware of these difficulties and we researched a little about what experts are saying!. Experts suggest some steps that women should take in order to achieve a better balance between personal and professional life.

Take Better Care of Yourself
The first step is to learn to take better care of yourself, or in other words, like yourself more. Don't forget the things that are good for you and try to do them not for others but for yourself. Thus, in your daily routine, try to find time, minutes, move your body, prepare your food, study, or simply do something YOU enjoy. Listen, you did not were born just to please everyone. YOU are the most important person in your life, stop feeling pain when you gift yourself some time.

But the task is not automatic. To know what is good for us, we need to look inside ourselves. In this way, we will reflect on whether we are acting more to benefit other people than ourselves. And believe this, if you forget about yourself you will be simply exhausted and drained.

1 .Be connected with your why
The knowledge of our real motivations makes us understand what are we working for in terms of personal life and professional life. If you find out what the reasons are for leaving home and returning, everything becomes much easier. Maybe you are in love with your job because you are a teacher and your reason is to teach others, maybe you are in love with your business because your end goal is working on your terms. It does not matter, as long as you have a clear direction of what is moving you. You will then feel less burnt out.

2.Share the anxieties
Acknowledge and accept that you cannot do everything all the time and that's completely normal; Another essential step is to share the anxieties. Maybe with your best friend, maybe with your mom or therapist. It doesn't really matter as long as you are able to talk it out and release it. It makes all the difference. The challenges, the dreams, the reasons for the importance of playing different roles and of course! : Reaching agreements on how things need to work at home, in the professional sphere, on the day in general.

If you can: delegate or ask for help. Listen Babe, you are not a robot. It's ok to ask for help or delegate. The important thing is to delegate what is possible, which doesn't need to be done only by you and which is leading to make you simply go crazy, whether it's buying from the market, caring for the children, or organizing your closet. Remember there is always InstaCart, closet organization services, amazon prime, virtual assistants. Yes! Some of these sound scary because of the costs, but believe us there is always a way! You can even call a friend to help you out. Your peace is most important than anything.

3. Share responsibilities
In case you have a roommate, husband, significant other or whatever you want to call it, this is a great idea. By sharing responsibilities, you can ease the routine. Simple as it sounds: share responsibilities from home with another person. Of course, always remember that each one develops the activity according to their abilities ( things get easier that way).

According to experts, the first detail is to focus on the minimum necessary of the tasks that need to be delivered, dedicate yourself and become an expert on the subject. The better you know a particular topic, the greater the chance that the result will be positive and things will get easier.

4.Establish standards
Another tip to improve productivity is to establish standards, routines, and strategies. You need to plan your routine from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep. Your mindset at the start of the day will certainly define how you will work through the rest of the day. Pay attention to how you start the day, how many hours you sleep, how you eat, how you manage your daily routine. Do you set standards, or do you do it every day in one way? Are you the one who leaves late, making excuses, justifying yourself? If so! That's where the big difficulty lies.

There are amazing apps out there to keep you organized. we love TRELLO for example. It works on your computer and phone. A regular notebook can also do the work very well!. You have to get these things out of your mind, leaving you free to do your job.

In a scenario where a woman has to divide her attention between the professional, domestic and child-rearing environment, it is common and even predictable that her goodwill alone is not enough for her to be successful ( AND THA'S COMPLETELY NORMAL, ok?). The help of others is always welcome and you need to be able to ask for help because no one can handle everything alone. Family and friends play an important role in this regard. They must be present, aware of the real reasons that make a woman leave a plan aside, listen to her, and question her about it. No problem cannot be overcome with a little goodwill, dialogue and above all, love.
We hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as we did! And remember: the perfect Instagram life does not exist! No one has a perfect balance. We all prioritize depending on what our goals at that moment are. With love, the Ishine Team.