Summer + makeup = nightmare.
We have all been there!!

We all know how it goes: the makeup melts with sweating or sunbathing. And of course: Say goodbye to the foundation (it will melting off your face).

The good news is brands are having more and more options that guarantee the durability of your look. For example, waterproof mascaras or foundations offering coverage and resistance even for rainy days.

Here is a waterproof makeup tutorial we swear by! ( yes we tried it!). :

1. First step is very obvious: wash your face!
2. Apply a waterproof foundation all over your face. Don't forget to put a small amount on your neck, making the color match look perfect.
3. Let the foundation dry and apply the waterproof concealer in layers. It should be applied either with your fingertips, tapping it, or with a specific brush for applying concealers ( note: the idea is to tap the product with a brush of fingers! Do not spread it!).
4. When the concealer is dry, powder all over your face ( we love Laura Mercier translucent powder by the way!).
5. Apply a layer of creamy eyeshadow ( they last forever! Loreal has some affordable options).
6. Make a thin outline to make your eyes look bigger. You can do this with eyeshadow so it looks more natural.
7. Once you've finished making your makeup waterproof, apply several coats of mascara. Between layers, wait a short period for the mascara to dry slightly, and you have even more volume.
8. On the lips, apply a layer of concealer ( this will make the lipstick color pop!). When dry, apply lipstick ( Matte is the best idea for these purposes).

So! let's do a recap here! The essential products for waterproof makeup are:
1) Mascara
Remember waterproof products are more difficult to remove, these products must be removed with a two-phase makeup remover ( we love Lancome makeup remover!).

2) Base and concealer
These products tend to have greater coverage, so be careful when applying. In areas where you already have wrinkles, the product might accentuate them. Remember: less is more most of the time.

3) Eyeliner
Our recommendation is to always opt for ophthalmologist-tested products because believe it or not low-quality products might cause irritation.

4) Shadow
The perfect waterproof eyeshadow will always be the creamy version. They last longer during hot days. They are also more pigmented. If you want to use powder makeup, apply a primer before the eyeshadow.

5) Lipstick
Lipsticks with a matte texture tend to last longer on the lips. However, remember to don't overdo it. It might look a little fake if you do. Before applying the product, make a small layer of concealer. This will make the lipstick more pigmented!

Ok! Now that we have the perfect makeup summer hacks, it is important to don't forget the most important thing: sunscreen!.
And yes, each skin type requires special care, as its characteristics are different. We all hate the feeling of feeling oily because of sunscreen. From the protection factor to consistency and texture, everything interferes when making a choice. That's why we've brought you a list of the most suitable sunscreens for your skin type.

Choosing a sunscreen according to your skin tone:

Very light and fair skins:
Light skin and fair skin are usually more sensitive to the sun and have a greater tendency to be red rather than tan ( we want to look sunkissed not sunburned). Greater care is also needed, as people with these skin tones are more susceptible to skin conditions. Therefore, it is important to use high FPS, from 60 upwards.

Brown skin:
Although they don't burn as easily as those with very light skin, people with this type of skin also need to be careful when tanning. Remember that the risk of skin cancer also exists. The factor indicated in this case is the SPF 60.

Black skin:
Even with easier tans and fewer photoaging effects, the use of sunscreen is still essential. However, the FPS can be lower. Indicated is above 45, which even helps to prevent skin blemishes.

According to skin type ( we are not all the same!)
Oily skin:
For those who have this type of skin, the idea is to invest in lighter versions, oil-free, such as gel protectors or a dry touch serum. The gel is absorbed faster as it does not contain alcohol and fat, which helps to control shine and oiliness in the "T zone" of the face, formed by the forehead, nose, and chin. This is perfect for summer!

Dry skin:
Those with dry skin need to be especially concerned about hydration. Unlike oily skin, the idea is to choose a protector that has water and oil in its composition, such as creams.

Normal or mixed skin:
Mixed skins have the most controlled oil level, usually only in the "T zone" of the face. For those who have this type of skin, the idea is to use the cream-gel protector, which is more fluid, helps with hydration, and is perfect to balance oil production throughout the day.

Long story short! Remember the most important thing is to have healthy skin. Rather than having the perfect summer makeup, the most important thing is to don't forget the sunscreen because it will prevent you from having skin conditions. We hope this blog post helps you plan your next summer beauty routine!! . And remember, you don't need makeup to shine, this is just an addition to your natural beauty.

With love, the Ishine team.