4 Simple ways to boost self-esteem on "those days"


We often ask ourselves what to do to increase our self-esteem, and how we feel about ourselves. We run more than 40 hours of work a week, a fast passed life, and sometimes we just pass through a mirror and compare ourselves to the girl in the magazine. Believe it or not, how we feel about ourselves will be reflected in all aspects of our life, even in our relationships with others.

The most important thing you need to do is stop self-sabotage because the girl in the magazine doesn't look like the girl in the magazine. And all this is reflected in our physical appearance.
And let us tell you something, all of us at some point in life have or are going through a time when we feel like having a thousand defects. The problem is this and this can be easily noticed as we begin to neglect ourselves and sometimes no longer take care of ourselves.
So, at the end of the day what is self-esteem?

Self-esteem is believing and trusting in oneself. It is about loving ourselves as we are, which influences our decisions and with whom we relate, including not setting limits on how others treat us; family, friends, partners, and other people around us. It also influences the ability to achieve our dreams, goals, and what we propose.


The real problem here affects one of the most important things we have: Our state of mind.
So, imagine you are feeling bloated, left your makeup (life saver sometimes we know lol) at home and you simply feel like a potato bag. What in the world are you supposed to do now? Here are some easy ways to boost it!.

1 . You must know why you feel like this

As cliche as it sounds, you need to find the reason for the lack of self-esteem, it may be; a bad relationship? Do others not recognize me? How have others treated me? What has happened in my life to feel like this? We must look at our beliefs throughout our lives, and re-formulate those ideas that we have heard from others because, in the end, they are ideas of others and should not be part of us. Remember this, your responsibility is to be happy with yourself. You are not responsible for the idea others have about you. What others say or think is a reflection of how they feel and has absolutely nothing to do with us, it is their ideas, their perception, it is not ours. It is important to know why we have low self-esteem to start increasing it.

2 . Change the way you talk to yourself

At first, it will take time to change your internal speech and trick your mind. You can start by writing ten of your strengths in a notebook ( this might be difficult at the beginning), but you will see how as you are thinking and being aware of your qualities, you will get to know yourself and that is something that works in your favor. The more you know yourself, the more you will enhance your qualities, and of course, you won't be affected when someone has a different perception of you. Your qualities make you unique and special. Recognizing them will make you feel safe, and you will see yourself with more love.

3 . Do not live in the past ( a hard one ).

Being aware of where your lack of self-esteem comes from is very important, but not staying there is more important. You must live your present and work continuously to break with those beliefs and above all, change that old narrative, put aside the stereotypes. You came to this world to evolve. If you catch yourself comparing yourself from today and feeling low that's completely the wrong way. You evolve, grow and that's ok.


4 . Recognize your achievements and take care of yourself.

Being humble about who you are is fine. But taking into consideration how amazing a human being you are is important and it's called self-respect. If you find yourself in a situation you don't feel respected please remember who you are and leave. It is time to ask yourself, why do you admire yourself? What do you have that the others don't? What are you proud of? What have you accomplished so far? By answering these questions, you will recognize your worth and increase your self-esteem and admiration. We all have a purpose in our life, and we are here for a special reason. You can answer these questions in a notebook, expressing and writing allows us to realize and internalize much better (kind of a journal!)

Self-care is part of high self-esteem, and to achieve that, you must take care of yourself in all aspects, from food to your daily rest, just as you love yourself, others will love you. You can have the best healthy diet in the world and still open the door to toxic relationships. That's not the way. Take care of your skin, your hair, your teeth, start new habits or even leave habits that do not do you good, this includes relationships that do not contribute and benefit our life. Your whole body and soul require love, and you give it to them.

Boosting self-esteem and self-respect it's is an everyday job, it is extremely important to know when to leave or change a situation you don't feel comfortable with. We are here to have a good time, enjoy and find that meaning and purpose in life. Did you know?
Wanting to achieve our dreams and goals is one of the characteristics of high self-esteem because we trust ourselves, and we know that we can achieve everything we set out to with our inner strength, security, and self-confidence. However, remember to never set yourself on fire because of those goals you might have. Respect yourself enough to rest.

The Ishine team is composed of girls like you. We have the same fears and responsibilities as you may have. We hope this mini-guide will help you increase your self-esteem as it did to us! With love, The Ishine Team.