Let's get things straight here...Many people (including me in the past) spend their lives looking for, something, or someone responsible for their situation.

The list is usually extensive: the government, politicians, unemployment, corruption, taxes, the economy, the boss, their mother, father, children, something that happened to them twenty years ago.
This is all very well; the only problem with this list is that we are not including ourselves. Here at Ishine, we are not experts but we can talk from past experience since some of us had gone to the therapist before!

I read somewhere that we become adults the day we take responsibility for our current situation. Better or worse, what we have and enjoy at this time is the result of our thoughts first, our decisions, second, and our actions, third.

If we blame anything other than ourselves, we are leaving our future in the hands of something beyond our control.

Politicians will not change, the economy will enjoy expansions and suffer recessions after day comes night, that will not change.
-Then? How will my situation change?

And as my therapist said: "Your life will change when you change."
It is we, with our thoughts, decisions, and actions, who create our reality. Therefore, if you want a life without financial complications, you must develop what we call; abundance mentality ( yes it sounds tricky lol ).
You need to align your thoughts and actions towards prosperity, that way, you can make the financial leap you want.
Living in abundance is a lifestyle... If you have not experienced it, you are going to have to transform; change the way you think, your attitude, words, and actions.

All this is not an easy task, nor a process that can be carried out from one day to the next, you need to work at it and be persistent (as with everything worthwhile in this world). It took me about a year to think like this! and thank you very much to my therapist.

What is the abundance mindset?
We've been talking about the abundance mindset for a while, but I haven't given you my definition yet.
The abundance mentality is always thinking that there is a solution for everything, that nothing is impossible, and that everything you want so much is in abundance in this world (it does not matter if what you want is more money, opportunities, relationships, health).
This wonderful philosophy invites us to change obsolete models and patterns, to put aside all those thoughts of resignation and scarcity.
Do you want more money? There are loads of them, we just have to "connect to the source."
Wealth is not exhausted, it is created as a consequence of personal and human development. It can be accessed without restrictions. And guess what, you are more than capable of achieving it.

How to develop a positive and abundance mindset?
It is about eliminating the mental chip that is sabotaging your progress and does not let you advance. Once you have achieved it, you will have loaded all the barriers, fears, and fears (also known as limiting beliefs).

Positive Abundance Mindset Principles ( again!! this is a summary of things I learned from my therapist! Not an expert).

1. Common people think that "Life is what happens to me," while people with positive and abundant minds affirm that "I create my life ." This means that according to your thoughts, you create a new reality.
2. Wealth resides only in positive minds, if you live a life of constant complaints, you attract all the pessimism and negativity to your business and personal life. Stay away from toxic people and harmful environments ( and yes this includes your ex).
3. The abundance mindset allows you to think big. If you liked that late model car that you have seen on television, visualize yourself in it, why can't it be yours? Ordinary people will think small, you think big.
4. One of the most important principles of the positive and abundance mindset is learning and serving others. Healthy wealth is not selfish, as Anthony Robbins (an author I love) says, "the secret of life is giving," the more you help others, the more you will get. Jim Rohn said it in other words; To receive, focus on giving.

5. Act despite fear. Many people in the face of fear or stress of an adverse situation are paralyzed. On the contrary, people who live abundance in their minds, tend to have a more positive attitude, do not allow themselves to be defeated, and jump over all those barriers they encounter on their way to success. As Ishine owner says: " fear will not help you from making mistakes".

Moral: A garden is not created by lying in the shade and saying, how beautiful! ( our general manager favorite quote).

To develop the abundance mentality and practice these and other principles, you need discipline and willpower. As is often the case, whenever you start something, getting started will be the most expensive, but in this case, believe me, it will be worth the effort.

Steps to activate the abundance mindset.

If you don't know where you are going, any destination is good, right? Well no, clarity of purpose is essential to attract into your life everything you long for. Clear goals will be the best ally on your path to success, of any kind.

Have you seen the documentary; "The Secret"? It talks about the law of attraction and how you can achieve anything in this world just by thinking about it.
Please don't fall into that trap!. The miracle only occurs if you get to work, you cannot think that a million euros will come to your account while watching television. I said if you want to work a miracle, combine thoughts and action.
Be patient, especially with yourself

Stop blaming yourself for lost time, for everything you have not achieved. Forgive yourself, and focus on what you want to achieve and what you have to do in the present moment to achieve it.

It is not simply about imagining that you can reach wealth, but feeling it and visualizing yourself with it. Enjoy and be thankful for what you have as you pursue what you want. We hope you enjoyed this blog as much as we did!

With love,

The Ishine team.