Have you ever felt like a totally disaster when you are at the beach? We feel you! No one is perfect and that’s ok!. But let’s face it, who likes to feel full of sand, sweaty and with freezy hair!? Yes, not so glamorous. It happens, we get it. However, here at ishine365 we got you five ways on how to look a little more “ put- together” at the beach, with a very low effort level ( Because, honestly, who has time?).

1. Even skin with a little of color: If there is something you don’t want to do at the beach is applying a super thick foundation. You may look fake and weird! Plus, that won’t be the best idea if you start sweating because of the heat!. The best idea is to apply a pea-sized amount of of Glossier Skin Tint, which is known for having a breathable formula that blurs pores and lightly covers. We also love Ilia foundation! You can find it on amazon or Sephora. The best part is that it has 40 SPF protection! , plus , is made by natural ingredients. This product is something every IT girl is talking about. We also use it at Ishine365!. The last product we completely swear by is the famous It Cosmetics CC cream. This is not as lightweight as the Ilia tint skin, however, it completely works if you don’t apply that much! It is the best idea also for daily basis. It has a good amount of coverage and it definitely does the work if you don’t like to wear too much makeup. Same as Ilia foundation, it has 40 SPF protection. 

2. Another idea on how to rock that “ makeup no-makeup” look is to use a lip tint. We are completely in love with the new one Camila Coelho ( the amazing blogger we just love) just launched. Elaluz ( her new cometic brand) describes it as “coconut water-infused, lightweight stain gives lips that coveted just-bitten look and cheeks that natural flush” which is perfect for the beach. Why we love it? You won’t be al sticky like if you wear gloss and it’s not a mate lipstick, reason why, you won’t look like you are trying too hard. There is also another product everyone is talking about, however, it’s a little bit costly. The name is “ Dior addict lip tattoo”. The quality of this product goes to another level. Its also perfect for daily basis 

3. Blur pores and stop greasy T-zones with some finishing powders! We love the matte formula from Bare Minerals because it is completely sheer! We also love it is sulfates free. If you don’t want to spend on other setting powder for the beach and you want one for everything we totally recommend the Laura Mercier setting powder. This is the best seller at Sephora, and also, it has the best coverage for any day/night date. Just again remember, less is more when you are at the beach so don’t apply too much.

4. In terms of hair, the best idea you can have if you have problems with frizzy hair is to get a “ Messy bun”. This an easy idea you can do with any hair tie. You can also pair this look with some cute gold jewelry earrings for that extra minimalist yet stylish look. If you don’t love the hair buns you can always go for a side braid. You can get that boho inspired look if you let it a little loose. There are a lot of ways to make these two hair styles look a little bit more “done”, one of them is to use trendy Clair clips or hair ties.

For a versatile option, consider some cute l hair clips – they’re the perfect complement to an everyday ponytail or braid so you don’t need to only use it for that specific beach day. Add a little sparkle to a sleek updo with any embellished bobby pin and hair combs paired with a blouse. There are plenty of options for this on Amazon at some amazing cheap prices!

5. On the clothing side, if you want to go for a look that feels more elevated than some jean shorts and a shirt you can always go for a printed button-down oversized shirt. This is definitely a “boyfriend inspired” look. If you want to look a little more “ resort- ish” you can always use a maxi flow skirt. We completely love those. The main reason is because you can always style it up or down depending on the occasion and the accessories.

Another idea we completely love is to use a maxi dress! You can always use it over your swimsuits when you’re headed to the beach or also dress it up with some heels if you think you might be heading to one of those beach dinners at some restaurant. 

If you are not into any of these, we also love sarongs and mini skirts. Sarongs are the new pareo competition!. They are usually tie tied and super comfy! If you don’t want to buy one it’s pretty easy to do one with any scarce or shawl you might already have! 

For mini skirts, there are plenty of options in the market! We love those that have a loose fit. Just because it’s easier to feel comfy like that at the beach! Remember, the looser the best for these looks because it will be hot !

We hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as we did! We completely love to hear about your ideas so you can always send us an email to info@ishine365.com in case you have any questions about any styling tip ! We will always be there! From this blog post, you won’t be able to find the makeup products we talked about over , however, you can always find the cutest resort wear around over our website! See you soon! With love, The Ishine team.