Valentine's Day is around the corner, and there are a lot of mixed emotions in the air! Whether you love V-day or it makes you want to cry and rip your hair out, ISHINE365 is here for you! 

My name is Sophie and I'm sharing my favorite ISHINE365 and Two Piece Mafia bikini styles to match your Valentine's Day mood. If you enjoy this blog post, please check out my personal blog C'est La Vie, where I talk about all things fashion, beauty, relationships, wellness, and more. It's the female lifestyle blog you never knew you needed. Follow CLV Blog on Instagram @clvblog. Enjoy!

P.S. Don't forget to use my code "Sophie" for 15% off any Two Piece Mafia or ISHINE365 The Label bathing suits, just to show some extra love. Happy Valentine's Day to all the #ishinebabes, enjoy our favorite picks!

Mood 1: Single Duh

Spice up your Valentine's Day with this sexy one piece bikini Hailey One Piece in Leopard Print. This is the best one piece bathing suit for my single ladies because it's fierce, flattering, and shows a little bit of skin. If you got it, flaunt it. Show yourself off because you deserve it! 

Mood 2: #Taken *insert heart eyes here*

Nothing says "hopeless romantic" more than a sweet and simple pink bikini. This swimsuit is a classic string bikini with a softer color, which is always my go-to style. Probably because I'm taken too, which is why it's my topic pick, so buy the Chris Top & Bottom in Pink to celebrate your Valentine's Day love!

Mood 3: I Still Feel Butterflies!

If you still feel butterflies this Valentine's Day, then the Gene Top & Bottom is the perfect bathing suit for you! This bikini is flattering, colorful, and super comfortable. Trust me; there is no better way to say "I Still Feel Butterflies" on Valentine's Day than wearing this bikini.

Mood 4: It’s Complicated...

Love is, well, complicated. And Valentine's Day won't make your situation any simpler. Trust me; you're not the first #ishinebabe to feel this way on Valentine's Day. So how can you fix this problem? Buy the Chris Top & Bottom in Snake Print to match your mood. #Retailtherapy

Mood 5: I Hate Valentine's Day!


What better way to say "I Hate Valentine's Day" than wearing our Sirena Balconette Top in Tidal paired with the High Tide V-Bottom in Tidal. Um... there's not a better way. This neon green two-piece swimsuit is as far away from pink, red, and white as you can get! It's vibrant, flirty, and has the perfect amount of exposure with eh high waisted bathing suit bottom. If you hate Valentine's Day, what are you waiting for? Buy it now!

Mood 6: I Am My Own Valentine!

The Gaby Top & Zoe Bottom in Floral is my favorite bikini to look cute, flirty, and dainty. Isn't that what being your own valentine is all about? The ruffle neckline adds the perfect amount of detail to your cute swimsuit top. Treat yourself to this designer bikini this Valentine's Day because you need it in your life.

Mood 7: I’m a Flirt and I Just Can't Help It

If you're the type of girl that loves to flirt around and have some fun on Valentine's Day, the Kati One Piece in Snow Leopard is calling your name! Sexy yet chic, this designer one piece swimsuit has playful side cutouts and a high leg cut that will accentuate your body. I absolutely love this one-piece because it's so flattering, classy, and a bit scandalous. It's all you need to be a little flirty this Valentine's Day!

<3 Soph

Written by: Sophie Collongette