The Many Ways To Wear Your Triangle Top

The Triangle Bikini Top. A classic. A staple. The bikini style that has existed since the birth of bikinis. 

But just when we thought that we knew everything about our beloved triangle tops, our worlds got turned upside!  And I mean that both figuratively and literally… 

Lately, we’ve seen the triangle top totally reimagined!! I’m not sure if its because we all had wayyy too much time to sit in our closets and mess around during quarantine or what?… but girls have BROKEN THE RULES and PUSH THE LIMITS OF WHAT A TRIANGLE TOP IS CAPABLE OF! And the timing couldn’t be any more perfect with the Two Piece Mafia drop of the new Chris Top!

It turns out the triangle Chris top is like the gift that just keeps on giving. It's like buying 5 bikinis for the price of one!! 


  1. The OG  -- Obviously there’s the tried and true, never disappoints, classic  style:
  • The Chris Top is made with such quality material - the fabric lies perfectly on your skin, leaving you looking #flawless everytime! 

But now let’s make things interesting! 😉

  1. The Scoop Neck!  -- Take your Chris top and turn that thing upside down, a full 180! 
  • Tie the strings that would traditionally go around your back around your neck and then the strings that would normally go around your neck  go around your back. 
  • Wearing your Two Piece Mafia Chris top this way creates such a flattering neckline and for those of you who are into the current underboob trend 😏this is definitely the look for you!


  1. The Cross Neck! -- Spicing up the already spicy scoop neck 🔥
  • For this look all you need to do take your Chris top and  follow the steps for the scoop neck but cross the strings over your chest before tying them around your neck!
  • Wearing your Two Piece Mafia Chris Top like this is such a SEXY look! Definitely a good way to make that cleavage pop a little more 😉

BUT WAIT THERE'S STILL MORE! (I know right?!?!)

  1. The Bandeau! -- You thought you just bought a triangle bikini when you got your Two Piece Mafia Chris Top but little did you know you also got a bandeau?!
  • Take the strings that normally go around your neck and tie them around your back 
  • Now with the strings that would typically go around your back just bring them together in the front and tie them in a cute little bow! 🎀
  • BAM! Now your Chris triangle top had become a cute little pee-a-boo bandeau top! 😍Who knew!?!
  • Perfect for when youre trying to avoid tan lines but only have triangle kinis in your suitcase! 
  1. The Bandeau Halter! 
  • Instead of tying those bottom strings in a bow to get the bandeau style just tie them in a single knot and then bring them up and around your neck! 
  • Believe me, once you try this you're never gonna want to go back 🤩😆

So in case you didn’t believe it before, you better believe it now: DON’T SLEEP ON/TALK BAD ABOUT A TRIANGLE KINI -- ESPECIALLY NOT OUR TWO PIECE MAFIA CHRIS TRIANGLE TOP!! It is obviously the most versatile and fun bikini-style out there! 

So now that we’ve cleared that up…. ITS TIME FOR YOU TO UPGRADE YOUR TRIANGLE COLLECTION! 

Shop the new Two Piece Mafia CHRIS TOP, which comes in so many cute prints and colors! It is the perfect piece for testing all these triangle styles!  

You can buy it ONLINE or IN STORE at our Ironside location in Miami!