Do you also have those days when you feel like a total mess? Being beautiful is not in what you wear or how much you weigh. It is a matter of attitude. Yes, we know it might sound weird however, this is the reality!.

All women want to be pretty, attractive, interesting, and sensual. No matter how old we are, we always want to look beautiful for ourselves (hello, who doesn't look for those random mirror reflections walking down the street lol).

Some will think that beauty is found in physical appearance. Others believe that only the interior of a person is enough; But the reality is that a woman's true beauty is found in her actions, attitudes, and behaviors. And the sum of all this results in a beautiful woman.

This goes beyond dressing in designer clothes, having expensive accessories, or having good makeup, it is a matter of attitude. And the most important thing, you can be warm, sweet, or fragile, but at the same time have strength, power, courage, and courage and still be an amazing woman.

Being beautiful is not as complicated as it seems. We are not talking about the typical beauty you see in magazine covers. And let us tell you something: The girl in the magazine does not look like the girl in the magazine (hiii photoshop!).

These are the actual things we should take into consideration to be beautiful from the inside out. And no, it does not include losing 50 pounds or wearing a Chanel bag.

Self-respect: You can be humble and still know what you bring to the table. You should value your abilities and skills and making their exploit to the fullest. And most important: A beautiful woman should be sure of herself making decisions without fear of being wrong, avoids doubting, usually has set goals, and fights for her ideas to achieve them. Do you know what I learned "the hard way"? That you can still make wrong decisions with fear. So it really makes no sense to put yourself at a limit like that.

A beautiful woman is self-confident, looks for the appropriate words to communicate, is independent, with well-defined goals and dreams. This sounds like a lot no? Kind of hard to achieve. She knows how to stand out from others, she shines like the sun (hello ishine365!) regardless of life's adversities, she never goes unnoticed because she is authentic, special, and unique.

You can show confidence in many different ways, such as: in posture or body language, which says a lot about a person; for example: if you walk with your eyes straight ahead, if you stand up straight. However, let's stop here for a second: you must show confidence and feel it from inside!

Concentrate on positive things:
We know we are all tired of listening to manifestation podcasts and reading positivity quotes on Instagram however, we swear by this one. Try to balance all areas of life, do not give way to negative thoughts, and concentrate your energy on solving problems rather than grief or regret.
The most important thing is to learn to enjoy the here and now, without worrying about the uncertain future or the past. This is what will make you shine, as cliche as it sounds.

Read this carefully! You can be sweet, tender, and affectionate, but at the same time, take no bullshit. You can be strong, brave, and a fighter; and still be considered cute. It's completely ok.

The most beautiful girl is the one that learns how to open her heart and learn to love herself as she is, with all her strengths and weaknesses. The most beautiful girl is the one that learns how to respect others and knows the importance of listening and being empathetic. It is important to remember we are no one to judge other's life choices. And most important: your life choices shouldn't be made to impress anyone out there but you.

Remember that not only physical appearance can make you feel beautiful, but your attitude is the key to success and feeling happy with yourself.

One last thing that has helped me be a little happier with myself and confident is trying to be less hard on myself. This is a hard one. Sometimes we judge like if we were a robot. The reality is some of the decisions we take are made by taking into consideration the information we had at that moment. So, it is completely ok, you did your best at that point with what you had in your hands.

These are some things that have helped me become happier and stylish. It might sound crazy but when you really know your self worth everything starts flling into place because you simply don't take any random opportunities out there ( this includes from job offers to your random Hinge date you actually don't like lol) and things start going the direction and way you've always wanted since you are not losing time on other roads. Stylish and beautiful start from within and not from any external outfit or your size.
We hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as we did. Here at Ishine365 we always try to talk about things we know we all struggle with! Because we are human. So next time you are feeling low or lost, come back to our blog!
With love always,