Best Swimsuits For Pear Shape


Best Swimsuits For Pear Shape

Do you have a pear-shaped body type? If so, you know that finding the perfect swimsuit can be a challenge. Not all swimsuits are created equal. Some are made for those with hourglass figures, while others are better suited for those with more curvaceous bodies.

So, which swimsuits should you be looking for to draw attention if you have a pear-shaped figure? Read on to find out!


 Fiducia Bikini Top

Fiducia Bikini Top


The Pear Body Shape

What is the pear-shaped body? And how do you know if you are a pear shape?

Some common body shapes, such as the apple shape, hourglass figure, etc. The pear body shape is one of them. A pear-shaped body shape is also known as a triangle body shape. This is because the hips and thighs are typically wider than the shoulders, which creates a triangle silhouette.

The best way to find out if you have a pear-shaped body is by looking at yourself in the mirror. If your hips and thighs are noticeably wider than your shoulders, then you most likely have a pear-shaped body. Also, if you have a smaller bust and a defined waist, you are likely a pear shape.

Some celebrities with the pear-body shape include:

  • Kim Kardashian.
  • Taylor Swift.
  • Beyonce.
  • Jennifer Hewitt.

You Are a Pear-Shaped Body if You Have:

  • Narrow shoulders in proportion to hips. This is one of the most prominent features in pear-shaped women.
  • Wider hips, buttocks, and upper thighs.

What Should You Wear as a Pear Body Type?



 Syphrid Top Olive

Syphrid Top Olive


Pear-shaped women might find it difficult to find flattering swimwear that compliments their bodies.

Below are some swimsuits that complement the pear-shaped body.

One-Piece Swimsuits

One-piece swimsuits are great for any body shape if you find the right one-piece swimsuit.

Try finding eye-catching necklines that focus on your upper body and take attention away from the thick thighs and wide hips. You can try one-pieces with more coverage or extra coverage in the bottom half.

If you are having trouble finding a suitable one-piece, try tankinis. Make sure the upper half is brighter than the lower half to give your upper body more attention.

Push-up Bikini Tops

Push-up bikini tops are great as they accentuate your bosom with the cleavage, giving your medium or smaller bust more volume. Search for comfortable push-up bras, or you could try up bras!

You can also try bikinis with elaborate styles, a plunging neckline, or anything that adds more volume.

High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

Bikini bottoms are great for diverting or putting the limelight where you want to. High-waisted bikini bottoms will elongate the leg, making your upper leg look larger. A high-cut waistline will also flaunt your curvy waist!

Mix and Match

Mix and match is fun! But it can also be fabulous on pear-shaped women. Try light colors on the top half and darker colors on the bottom half. Choose a printed top with colorful and detailed prints, while the bottom half should be black or dark and plain. It will garner attention to your bosom and top and take away eyes from the lower half.

Halter Tops

Halter tops with tiny straps showcase your narrow shoulders, giving them more attention, and that can create the illusion of a proportionate upper body shape.

It would be best to go for tiny straps to make your narrow shoulders wider, as they will be more revealed.

Swim Skirts

Women with pear-shaped bodies have thick thighs, so it is best for a little more coverage. That will help your body shape to look proportionate. Bonus point if the skirt is a dark color!

A Deep V-cut

V-cuts have revealing necklines and show your cleavage, natural curves, slender waist, and flat stomach.

Off the Shoulder Tops

Off the tops help to create the illusion of broader shoulders. You can also use this tip with a one-piece.

Wrap Tops

Wrap-style bikini tops help to give the appearance of a slimmer waist. It will also showcase your neck and shoulders.

Color-Blocking Swimming Suit

Color-blocking swimsuits- ones that are darker on the bottom and brighter on the upper body make the pear-shaped bodies look great by emphasizing the upper half.

Voluminous Bikini Tops

Voluminous bikini tops will add volume to your bust, average or smaller in the pear body shape. This is especially great for those who do not want to show cleavage.

Voluminous tops come with ruffles, fringes, frills, textures, and prints, which enhance and put attention to the bust.

Scrunched Bikinis

Scrunched bikinis are great for all body types! They make your booty look great, even if it is flat. And they are flexible in design, so if you want your cheeks to be covered, you can go for that!

Bandeau Tops


Emily Top in Leopard Print

Emily Top in Leopard Print


Straight across bandeau tops accentuate the narrow shoulders, making them more comprehensive and proportionate with the hips.

Horizontal Stripes For Widening the Torso, Vertical for Narrowing the Hips

Horizontal stripes make things look more prominent, and vertical strips make things look smaller. So go for these to emphasize your upper body.

What to Avoid for Pear Shaped Body?

Horizontal waistbands

They make your waist look bigger.

Tight-Fitting Clothes

They will make you look bigger than you are. So choose swimsuits that have some flow to them or are more relaxed.

Small Prints and Busy Patterns

They will make you look big, so go for larger prints or patterns.

Side Ties

They draw attention to your hips, which is what we are trying to avoid!

Boy Shorts

Boy shorts tend to emphasize the lower half of the pear body shape.

Baggy Clothing

Tight clothing is not always the answer. Sometimes, baggy clothing can make you look even bigger than you are. So it is best to find a happy medium- not too tight and not too loose.

One Shoulder Tops

One-shoulder tops can look great on pear-shaped bodies. They help to broaden the shoulders, which makes the waist look narrower in comparison.


Product Reviews of Pear Shape Body

Jazmin One Piece in Ebony Black


Jazmin One Piece in Ebony Black

Jazmin One Piece in Ebony Black


This one-piece is all about supporting your bust and slimming your lower body — it's perfect for pear shapes. The high-cut legs elongate your figure, while the black color has a slimming effect. It has halter tie style with draped accenting, cutouts on both sides with ties, and cheeky bottom coverage.


  1. Retro cut.
  2. Stretchable fabric.


  1. Does not have built-in support for the bust.


 Bliss One Piece in Black and White


Bliss One Piece in Black and White

  Bliss One Piece in Black and White 


This swimsuit from  Akalia is designed to give you a helping hand in shaping and controlling your tummy. This One-piece features a plunging V neckline, color block styling, and a gold filled accent belt. Pair this one piece with linen pants and chunky shades to look all the supermodel in all of your vacations.
  1. Elegant design
  2. Criss-cross back black and white.
  1. The built-in bra may not be suitable for everyone.


Terra Pandora Bandeau Top


 Terra Xama Classic Bottom

Terra Xama Classic Bottom



This bikini set from Smeralda is perfect for pear-shaped ladies. Its adjustable straps and the fabric provides good coverage and a fresh look.

The best part of all, this is an eco bikini. Made with recycled fabric from pet bottles.


  1. Adjustable straps.
  2. Recycled fabric.


  1. No more color options



There are many different swimsuits on the market designed to flatter pear-shaped bodies. However, it is essential to find one that fits you well and makes you feel comfortable. Avoid swimsuits that are too loose or too tight, as they will not favor your figure.

Also, steer clear of busy patterns and horizontal waistbands, as they will make you look wider than you are. Instead, opt for a one-piece or tankini with ruching on the sides, as this will help to slim your figure. And don't forget to choose a swimsuit in a flattering color!


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With love, the Ishine team

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