Best Swimsuits for Wide-Set Breasts

All breasts are different. Breasts come in different shapes and sizes, whether by nature or breast implants. It is necessary to know your breast shape to help you shop for the proper bra cups and swimsuits. Having wide-set breasts makes it harder to find a swimsuit that fits you. You may have tried many different sizes and shapes and left with agony over not finding the right one. That is why we have brought this article to you!


Sahara Bikini Pearl White




Types of Breast Sizes

How do you know what your breast size is? Here is a guide below:

Standard breast shape

You most likely have zero problems with this shape as the breast tissue is distributed evenly. That means most bra style fits you, whether natural or breast implants blessed.

But remember that young breast tissue weakens over time, so you might not retain this shape forever.

Wide-set breasts

These breasts are separated but are wider still in the sternum. The gap can be three or more fingers apart. So having a visible or normal cleavage is not possible.

Asymmetric breasts

Asymmetrical breasts, if very prominent, mean they were damaged or injured due to illnesses or something else during breast development.

Swooping Breast Shape

Thinner upper breasts and fuller at the bottom with nipples pointing upwards. These could be due to many reasons such as ethnicity, nursing, losing or gaining weight, and genetics. These all affect breast characteristics.

Sagging breasts

These breasts point down. This pointed breast tissue could be genetics, menopause, not wearing a supportive bra or age.

To avoid further stretching of the breast tissue, wearing the correct cup size is necessary. So look out for bras that fit and support your breasts.

Large Breasts

Those who are blessed with large breasts have equally full breast tissue.


A Good Time Bandeau Bikini Top

A Good Time Bandeau Bikini Top




Small breasts

Women's breasts vary in size. Some might even say they are desirable hand-sized breasts! Some may think small breasts are a curse, but that is not necessarily the case.

Pigeon Breasts

The breast tissue is stretched and therefore has lost all the volume. It is most common in older women who have gone through menopause.

Splayed Breasts

They are broad, so they create a triangle shape between the shapes. This is due to the breasts being plopped outwards from the chest's center.

Teardrop Breasts

The breast tissue density is more underneath than the upper breast tissue. So they are slightly fuller underneath.

Problems You Might Face with Wide-Set Breasts

The cup size does not entirely fit your breasts.

Despite a typical breast base, the standard cup size accommodates the breast base's outline but is not fully covered. Also, your breast tissue might spill out of the bra on the sides, which is not a good look.

Little to no cleavage

Unlike other women, you have little or no cleavage to show. That can be a problem for some, but that can be fixed with some specific tops and bras.

Your straps always fall.

Your straps are falling because your breasts are not filling the cup. Not all bras come with removable straps, which might pose a problem. You can't always adjust the straps to your liking.

You might experience chafing under your breasts.

The skin underneath your breasts is sensitive and might get irritated from the rubbing of the breast tissue on your skin. This is more likely to happen when you are sweating, or it's hot outside. A cotton bra can help absorb some of the sweat and prevent chafing.

Underbust crease

Underbust crease caused can be very unhealthy because it happens because of the wrong bras. Furthermore, it is also one of the main reasons for back pain. The Underbust crease is when the breast tissue droops down and causes a horizontal crease across the chest. It can be painful and debilitating.

Supportive Swimsuits Tops for Wide-Set Breasts


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Plunge Bras with Slip Push Up Pads

With their side-padded push-up pads, these bras are your best friend, as they will compress pointed breast tissue. That is why padded bras are essential for your breasts to appear flattering and lift underneath. Always look for comfortable push-up styles for this type of boobs.

Adjustable Straps

Adjustable straps will help you push your breasts together. As mentioned earlier, string bikini tops benefit your wide-set breasts. Also, always look for tops with thicker straps to give additional support.

Wider Bands

The wider the band, the more support your breasts will get. Wider bands will help distribute the weight of your breasts better and prevent them from sagging. So always go for a top with a wideband if you have wide-set breasts.

A Front-Closure Bra

Giving you a cleavage. Frontal-closure bras are not only comfortable but press breasts, so they move towards each other! So in this bathing suit season, you will have cleavage, and these bras are also easy to open and close.

A Racerback Bra

They give you a nice-looking cleavage. Make sure a racerback bra has a plunging neckline with side padding. It will surely draw attention to your assets. Also, it will provide support and lift to your breasts.

A Halter Bra/Top

Halters are great for wide-set breasts because they allow you to adjust the straps tight or loose. So you can tighten it as much as you need, and it will still hold your breasts in place! This top is also perfect for those with sloping shoulders.


Bralettes are perfect for wide-set breasts as they make sure you are not spilling sideways and bring the breasts somewhat close together. They are adorned with laces to make you look exquisite. There are no padded cups, but a halter neck comes to save the day!

Swimsuits to Fit Your Big Boobs

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Underwire Bikini Tops

They come in many patterns and are one of the most supportive swimsuits, especially if your breasts are hefty. And make you look very old Hollywood glam! They are also good as plus-size swimwear styles.

Plunge Bras

Plunge bras or bikini tops are suitable for breast support and offer all the help you need. And also give you the sexiest cleavage.

Bandeau Bikini Tops

If you are looking for a more relaxed look, bandeaus are your best friend! They are very trendy and will make you look fashionable on the beach. But be careful as they might not offer enough support if your breasts are big and heavy.

Monokini with a Mesh-Cutout

Monokinis are the perfect bathing suits for women with larger breasts. They make sure you do not slip anything inappropriate while supporting your breasts. Skip balconette styles as they will spill more than necessary.

Product Review of Best Bathing Suits for Wide-Set Breast

This swimsuit has high-waisted bottoms, and it will make your legs look longer! It gives you a retro style as well as supports your sagging breasts. It is a wired-top desing, and the drawstring helps your breasts' giving you a flattering look. They also include padded cups.


  1. Vintage style.
  2. Wired top desing


Some may not like the vintage style.


Sol Underwire Bikini Top



Feeling Myself Bikini Top

These not only support your wide-set breasts but give you a comfortable look.The bikini top features a square neckline, hook closure at back, cupped design, ribbed pink fabric, and straps with tie closures. The lace adds a touch of elegance and makes you look like a goddess! Its matching bottom makes your legs look dainty and elongated.


  1. Soft pads.
  2. Elegant lace straps.
  3. Bottom


  1. It may be challenging to put on.

Feeling Myself Bikini Top

Feeling Myself Bikini Top


Pixi Roseau Bandeau Top

This top is perfect for women with wide-set breasts as it comes with ruching in the center. It will help your breasts look fuller, and with adjustable straps, you can make sure they are tight enough. The pads are also removable, and the bottom has a high-waisted cut.

This tankini will support your breasts and give you a flattering look. It is made from high-quality polyester and spandex. This is stretchable and comes with removable cups.


  1. Ruched center.
  2. Adjustable straps.
  3. Removable cups.


  1. Straps may not be sewn precisely.

Society Green Bikini Top




Cleo One Piece in Dark Teal

This is a beautiful one-piece that is perfect for wide-set breasts. features a plunging V neckline with self-tie straps for  styling this bikini in multiple flattering ways, rounded low back, and moderate to cheeky.


  1. Available for most fit
  2. V neck
  3. Wire-free cups.


  1. It may not provide enough support for larger breasts.

Cleo One Piece in Dark Teal

Cleo One Piece in Dark Teal




For Other Breast Types

For Asymmetric Breasts

Try tankinis with tiered ruffles to hide the massive distinction in the size of your breasts. Choose a bandeau bikini top or an itsy-bitsy triangle top if you have small breasts. Or go for a push-up bikini top to even out your breasts.

For Teardrops

Any popular chest style easily fits this type. Choose any bathing suit that suits your taste and gives extra support for your under-heavy breasts. Try unlined swimwear styles as they are fuller underneath- perfect for your type.

For Petites

Balconette bikinis with ruffles, frills, or other details on the sides will make your breasts look bigger. You can also go for a bandeau bikini as it flatters small breasts. For extra lift and cleavage, try a push-up bikini top. A triangle top is also a good option as it draws attention to your face.

Teeny Boobs

Go for a deep-v bandeau, and skip the padding. You can rock them with no need for padding. Also, try a triangle top or ruffle bikini top for some extra volume on your chest. As for one-pieces, go for those with plunging necklines or cutouts on the sides to accentuate your slender waist.

Boobs with Ample Nipple Blessed.

A balconette style will support your breasts without squishing your nipples. You can also go for a bandeau style, but make sure it has some padding to protect your nipples.


Many types of swimsuits can be flattering for wide-set breasts. The best options include balconette styles, bandeaus, monokinis, and tankinis. Also, our reviews will help you choose a suit that fits your body type and provides the support you need.

Choose a bathing suit that provides ample support and makes you feel comfortable. Be sure to try different styles to find the perfect one for you.


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